Eastman National Bank

Club E

Club E

Come travel with us...

Eastman National Bank is proud to offer Club E to its Kay County customers. Club E has traveled to far away places such as Ireland, Alaska, Italy, and Nova Scotia and locations in Oklahoma, Kansas, and many other states. Locally, the club has sponsored teas, card parties, Christmas parties, and picnics.

Becoming a member of Club E is simple. There is no age requirement to become a member. All you need is a deposit account with an average balance of $1,500 at any of our ENB locations.

Club E is "E"nergized and ready to take you on an "E"lectric transformation into a dream where all travel is possible. Our trips are easygoing and effortless. We look forward to giving you the enjoyment that comes with life now...why wait for tomorrow? We are "E"nthusiastic about our club and "E"lated to hear what you would like to do and where you would like to go.

We offer many fun-filled and entertaining trips. We do it all for you: planning, driving, baggage handling, parking, and much more. The club is worry free! There are no limitations on what we can explore. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. It's your club; we want to go where you want to go.

Call or email us to become a member today!

Contact: Janet Martin