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To continue to give you the best tools possible for your online and mobile banking needs, we will be upgrading our Online Banking/Mobile system on January 13, 2017, at 2:00 PM.  You will NOT be able to access your accounts online or by mobile app until Tuesday, January 17th at 8:00 a.m. If you are currently a Mobile Banking user, you will need to delete your old apps on January 13th, 2017 and download new apps on January 17th, 2017. 
Customers may also download a PDF of the Conversion Letter and FAQ that was mailed to all Online Banking customers on December 30, 2017. 

General online banking faq

Q: Who will be affected by this conversion?
A: All customers who log into with a Login ID and password will be affected.
Q: Can I choose the same password I had on the previous system?
A:  If your previous password meets the following criteria, you can choose it again for the new Online Banking
Password Criteria
Must contain 3 of the 4 criteria below and must be between 8-15 characters
1. Capital Letter
2. Lower Case Letter
3. Number
4. Special Character
Q: I am being asked to enter contact methods.  What are they used for?
A:  These contact methods will be used when the system needs to authenticate you as a user.  A code will be sent via SMS/Text or email to the contact method you select. The code must be entered prior to accessing your Online Banking accounts.
Q:  Will I be able to view my statements online?
A:  Yes.  If you opt in and register for our Inter@ct e-Statements, you will be able to view your statements online going forward.  Previous e-Statements will be available.  If you are currently enrolled for e-Statements, you will automatically be enrolled in the new system. 
Q: Will previous check images be available?
A:  Previous check images will be available after conversion. If you have check images that are of vital importance, we recommend you save extra copies on a local hard drive.
Q:  Will I be able to set up automatic transfers between my accounts and make loan payments?
A:  Yes.  You may access this feature by clicking TransfersàCreate New Transfer/Loan Payment.  If you currently have automatic transfers set up between your Eastman Nationa deposit or loan accounts, you will want to print them out or write them down.  They will not be transferred in the conversion to the new system.  On January 17th you will be able to log in and set up your auto transfers to your deposit accounts or loans.
Q: When viewing my account history, it only pulls in the last 30 days transactions as a default.  Can I change that?
A: The initial default cannot be changed, as pulling in larger amounts of history for the initial view can cause the pages to load slowly or timeout.  Use the filter to adjust the amount of history you wish to view once the page has loaded.
Q: Will you still offer Mobile Apps?
A: Yes!  New Apps will be available for download in the App Store (iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (Android).  Please delete the old Eastman National Apps after January 13th.  You will have access to the new Mobile Banking apps on Tuesday, January 17th.   You will need to be registered for Online Banking prior to being able to use your app.  The old app must be deleted and the new app downloaded before you will have access to your accounts.    You can use the same User ID and password you used for the new Online Banking system.
Q: Will my Bill Pay accounts and payee information convert to the new system?
A:  Yes! All of your current Payees will be converted to the new system, Allied.  If you currently have reoccurring payments set up in Bill Pay they will be transferred to our new Allied system. However, we suggest that you print your current payees and auto transfers to verify they have all been transferred correctly to the new system.
Q:  Can I use the Forgot Password/Reset Password links to reset my own password?
A:  Yes, however, you must first register an email address in Online Banking.  During your initial login, you will be prompted to register/confirm your email address.  A Confirmation Code will be sent to the address and it must be entered in Online Banking to complete your email registration before being able to use this feature.
*Please note that when using the ‘Forgot Password/Reset Password’ links, the temporary password is valid for 30 minutes*
Q: What if I am trying to log in with my current Login ID and cannot access the new system?
A:  Simply contact us at Eastman National and we can assign you a temporary access ID/Password if necessary.

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Quicken/QuickBooks conversion information

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